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If the order hasn’t been sent to production yet

The order can be canceled, as well as edited, please reach out to us on E-Mail: support(at) or use the Cancel Contact Form in our Support Center and please provide us the necessary Information such as Order ID, so we can react as quick as possible.

We plan in the future to offer a Phone Service, but we cannot offer it for now, Please let us know if you are interested in this Service.


If the order has been sent to production, it means that the order data has reached the print provider, and they may already be working on the order fulfillment. Due to that, it may not be possible to cancel the order free of charge at this point.

Nevertheless, our support team will reach out to the print provider and attempt to cancel the order for a refund.

Please note: Cancellation with a refund is not guaranteed to be possible, as the order may have already entered the production process.

At this stage, it won’t be possible to edit or remove the order.

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